Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pauline Hanson

Some of my favourite quotes from my favourite Australian racist Pauline Hanson.

" A social problem is one that concerns the way in which people live together in one society. A racial problem is a problem which confronts two different races who live in two separate societies, even if those societies are side by side. "

" I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. "

" I do not believe that the colour of one's skin determines whether you are disadvantaged. "

" I won the seat of Oxley largely on an issue that has resulted in me being called a racist. That issue related to my comment that Aboriginals received more benefits than non-Aboriginals. "    

" Immigration and multiculturalism are issues that this government is trying to address, but for far too long ordinary Australians have been kept out of any debate by the major parties. I and most Australians want our immigration policy radically reviewed and that of multiculturalism abolished. "

" The majority of Aboriginals do not want handouts because they realise that welfare is killing them."

" We now have a situation where a type of reverse racism is applied to mainstream Australians by those who promote political correctness. "

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