Saturday, March 5, 2011

Funny looking Black People

So a while back I found some pictures of people that are for want of a better word Ghetto-Fabulous.  You will see why shortly.  While these images on their own arent strictly racist they do look funny and could be turned into some awesomely racist captions without too much difficulty.  Maybe that is something which I should work on. 

I have no idea where these girls get their clothes from but I think that it goes without saying they need to start shopping somewhere else or in the case of the girl in the blue, stop making Her own clothes.

I really can't say much about these two but the girl in the black seems to really be enjoying Herself.
And what's worse, thanks to this guy the population is exploding.

But it's not all bad.  They are at least teaching the kids Ghetto life from a young age.


  1. Sad pictures. Especially when children are involved.

  2. Mostly those are ghetto peeps. Im brown and my whole family is not ghetto we were raised better than that.